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Albert Spencer Shooting, Lapwai Resident, Albert Spencer Has Passed Away


Albert Spencer Shooting, Death –  A man who was originally from Lapwai and was 22 years old was found to have been the victim of a deadly gunshot that took place early on Friday morning in the area of Lapwai. According to Chief Leotis McCormack, who is in charge of the Nez Perce Tribal Police Department, Eli A. “Suge” Albert-Spencer was found dead early on Friday morning close to a residence in the Thunder Valley Drive community to the north of Lapwai. The neighborhood is located to the north of Lapwai.

A caller reported hearing gunshots at 4:43 in the morning, and when the tribal police arrived at the area, they found the body of Albert-Spencer lying in the middle of the road. McCormack stated on Wednesday that the authorities have not yet captured a suspect, and he declined to comment on any other aspect of the investigation, which is being handled jointly by the FBI and the local tribe police. McCormack also stated that the investigation is being jointly handled by the FBI and the local tribe police.

McCormack revealed that there has been an extremely positive response from the community as a whole. If they discover any new information, they need to get in touch with our office as soon as possible. Up until we have this person in jail, everyone needs to stay alert, look out for one other, and report anything that appears out of the ordinary. This investigation is ongoing, and each and every one of us investigators has our feet firmly planted on the ground while we work.

It was said previously by McCormack that there is no immediate threat to the community, and this was underlined in his remarks. According to him, the probe is being handled as a probable homicide investigation by both the tribal police and the FBI. If you have any information, you can contact the tribal law enforcement office at (208) 621-4809 or Detective Jeff Kaltenbaugh at (208) 413-2501. Both numbers can be found in the previous sentence.



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