Alejandro Moral Missing, Ottawa Missing Person

Alejandro Moral Missing, Ottawa Missing Person


Alejandro Moral Missing – Age 14: Alejandro Diego Moral. On May 1, 1023, at 11:15, I was on Sandy Hill when I vanished from Immaculate High School. If you see him, kindly report him to the authorities as he may be a threat to his life. He has finished the distance several times.

The difference this time was that he left a voicemail in which he expressed his concern for his life. I didn’t realise that a broken heart could go on breaking. You keep expressing your affection, but no one is present to accept it. The streams of tears never stop flowing… Nobody is present to witness this, though. I’m interested in learning more about you. You are the companion I desire.

I want to talk to you about everything I’m thinking and feeling right now. Every single second is filled with the want for a bear hug, a kiss, a good laugh, or a good cry. I think about you constantly! With every second that goes by, my heart is breaking even more. I’m going to let you back into my life again, and this time, I’ll keep you there forever and ever.
Never! Buddy!! I’m going to find you some way. In that, YOU can have entire faith. All copyrights in the poems included on this website are the sole property of the individual poets who wrote them. Every other item of content on this website bears the copyright 2006 – 2023 FFP Inc. Okay, I see now.

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