Allan ‘Toddy’ Todd Obituary, Death, Allan Todd has passed away


Allan ‘Toddy’ Todd  Obituary, Death – Everyone at the club is heartbroken after learning of the passing of Allan “Toddy” Todd, who had worked as a groundsman at the club in the past and was a devoted supporter of Leigh throughout the rest of his life. The news of his passing has left everyone at the club inconsolable. Allan “Toddy” Todd’s life included a time when he worked at the club, and that time is referred to here as “the club.

” Because Allan “Toddy” Todd had been a devoted supporter of Leigh for the entirety of his life, no one at the club is able to find any consolation in the fact that he has passed away. This is because Allan “Toddy” Todd had been a fan for the entirety of his life. He has been a devoted fan of the club for his entire life.

Because he was 62 years old, he was able to draw from a very deep well of experience. This enabled him to make very insightful observations. At this point, we would want to take advantage of the chance to extend an invitation to all of Allan’s followers, asking them to join us in a round of applause that lasts for one minute at the eight-minute mark on Friday night.

The applause is to last for the entirety of the eighth minute. When the clock reaches the hour of 8:00, we shall start this round of applause. It is imperative for us to make the most of the chance that has been extended to us and seize the moment as soon as it has been provided to us.

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