Amit Katzir Obituary, Leigh High School Student and Cheerleader has Died from Drug Overdose


Amit Katzir Obituary, Death – The mother of a former cheerleader at Kickapoo High School has decided to speak up after the heroin overdose death of her daughter. Her daughter passed away as a result of the heroin overdose. The mother believes that greater effort needs to be made in order to address this growing problem. She not only had an amazing heart, but she also projected such magnetic charisma that it was impossible for anyone who interacted with her to help but fall in love with her. She was just remarkable, and a shining example of the kind of person the world needs more of.” It was as if a light had been turned on the moment she walked into the room,” says Julie Oziah Gideon, Samantha’s mother. “It was as if a light had been turned on.”

Julie Oziah Gideon has had a rough time during the months of September and early October after the death of her daughter Samantha, age 20, from an overdose induced by heroin. Samantha passed away from the effects of an overdose. She had just received her diploma from Kickapoo High School, and she intended to further her education by enrolling in one of the several colleges and universities in the area. Julie and her family have made the decision to speak up about the critical requirement for change despite the difficulties they are currently experiencing. Her first piece of guidance is that you should spend a noticeably longer amount of time in rehabilitation.

One of the things that, in my opinion, has to be altered is the manner in which insurance claims are processed. After a month has passed, only then will they pay. At the time, she was in Florida having therapy; however, after thirty days, she was told that she had to leave because her insurance would no longer pay for the treatment. She stated that she did not want to go since she was not prepared while she was on the phone and stated that she did not want to go. I need to continue receiving in-patient care for another two or three weeks. The counselor conveyed their disappointment and said that the insurance company had decided to discontinue paying. You don’t have any other option than to leave.”

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