Juliana Graham Obituary, Atlanta GA, Juliana Graham has Passed Away

Amy Brooks Obituary, Second Generation Owner Of Prime Cleaners Has Died


Amy Brooks Obituary, Death – Amy (Fader) Brooks has sadly passed away as a result of the terrible accident that occurred earlier. It came as a surprise when the proprietor of Prime Cleaners passed away unexpectedly. He was a member of the second generation of the family that had created the company.

The retail area that is also the location of our company’s headquarters is home to the shopping center’s second-oldest establishment, which is owned and operated by Amy and her family. One of the most brave and tenaciously fought battles I’ve ever witnessed was Amy’s fight against breast cancer. I’ve witnessed a number of people battling cancer. During the time that the epidemic was going on, she continued to open her shop each and every day, despite the fact that she was undergoing some extremely intense treatments.

There were times when she would practically try to crawl out of her car in order to get to work, and on those instances, both you and I would literally run outside to assist her as she did this. There were also times when she would virtually try to crawl out of her car in order to get to work.

There were other occasions in which, in an effort to go to work on time, she came dangerously close to attempting to crawl out of her automobile. On other occasions, all she did was get out of her car and go for a walk. She never bothered to do anything else. She was a fierce adversary as well as a source of inspiration for everyone who was fighting against this terrible illness. God rest your soul Amy

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