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Angelina Lucas Obituary, Angelina Lucas Has Passed Away


Angelina Lucas Obituary, Death –  On May 17, 2023, Angelina B. Lucas passed away. At this point in time, she was 73 years old and had spent the majority of her life in the city of Gloversville, which is located in the state of New York. She was able to receive the required care from her loved ones as she was able to pass away in the familiar settings of her own house, surrounded by members of her family who attended to her while she was passing away while she was passing away.

She was able to pass away in her own home because she was able to pass away in her own home. She was able to pass away in the environment that she was most familiar with, her own house. Her mother Carmen Capparello and her father Mary Lampman (Capparello), who had both passed away before she was born, gave birth to her on February 7, 1950 in the town of Gloversville, New York.

She was their only child. Her parents had been married for close to 30 years at the time of her birth. She was their lone child and the only member of their family. Mary Lampman (Capparello) was Carmen Capparello’s mother. Her mother’s mother was Carmen Capparello. Her mother carried on the family name by also being named Carmen Capparello.



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