Arthur Epstein Obituary, Arthur Epstein Has Passed Away

Arthur Epstein Obituary, Arthur Epstein Has Passed Away


Arthur Epstein Obituary, Death –  We are sorry to notify you of the demise of Arthur Epstein, who was a benefactor to our organization and was held in high esteem by the people who were a part of it. His passing has left us with a heavy heart. His generosity will be sorely missed by everyone in his immediate environment. Epstein Hillel School was still operating under its previous name, Cohen Hillel Academy, when Arthur first became involved with the institution.

This was during the period of time when Cohen Hillel Academy was still operating under its prior name. During that time period, Dr. Bennett I. Solomon was working as the head administrator of the organization. Arthur frequently stated that he “invested in people,” referring to the potential that he saw in Bennett at the time and, more recently, in Amy Gold, who is the current head of school.

Amy Gold is the person in charge of the school right now. At this time, Amy Gold is serving as the individual who is in control of the school. In the year 2017, Arthur gave a donation to the organization in the amount of five million dollars. This gift was certain to have a huge effect on the organization. The Cohen Hillel Academy became the Arthur J. Epstein Hillel School in the summer of the same year, when the name was officially changed.

This was done in honor of Arthur’s donation as well as a tribute to his devotion, generosity, and faith in EHS’s potential for the future. This step was taken in recognition of Arthur J. Epstein’s contributions.
We would like to offer our most sincere sympathies to each and every member of the Epstein family, as well as to anybody else whose life Arthur Epstein influenced in any way. The Hebrew phrase “May his memory be a blessing” is written as “Zichrono l’vracha.” This phrase, when translated into English, says, “May the memory of him be a blessing.”

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