Avery Kaufman Obituary, Death, Funeral Details


Avery Kaufman Obituary, Death –  Avery Kaufman, who was six years old at the time and a resident of Mount Vernon, moved out from the city on May 10, 2023. The 10th of April, 2017, which is also her birthday, was the day she came into the world. Avery was an active member of the Girl Scouts and a part of the Daisy group during her time with the organization.

Camping, swimming, and driving side by sides and four wheelers were some of her favourites things to do in her spare time. Swimming was another one of her favourite activities. Avery’s two all-time favourite things to do in the entire universe were hanging out with her family and playing dress up. Neither of these things came in a close second. Her radiant grin lifted the spirits of all those who came into close proximity to her because it was contagious and helped boost their attitude.

She had three canine sisters, and she adored all of them equally. Their names were Daisy, Freya, and Khaleesi, and she called them by those names. Avery had a soft spot in her heart for “girly” things in general, including but not limited to unicorns, butterflies, and anything else that could be called “girly.” In addition to these pastimes, she thoroughly enjoyed singing, dancing, and lending a hand to her father when he built fires.


Avery is survived by her parents, Amber and Stephen Kaufman, who reside in Mount Vernon, Ohio; her siblings, Anthony Kaufman of Mansfield, Dakota Hawk, Ashlynd Hawk, Kaleb Hawk, and Addi Hawk, all of Mount Vernon, Ohio; her aunts Katie (John) Bartlett and Robbyn Kaufman, both of Mansfield, Ohio; her uncles Daniel Kaufman of Mansfield, Ohio, Kenny Kaufman of Mansfield, Ohio, and Korey Before Avery was ever born, Megan Kaufman, Avery’s original mother, as well as Ken and Linda Kaufman, Avery’s grandparents, had all already passed away. Megan Kaufman was Avery’s biological mother. Ken and Linda Kaufman were Avery’s grandparents. On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the viewing will take place at the New Life Church of the Nazarene, which is located at 665 Harcourt Road in Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050, between the hours of three in the afternoon and six in the evening. The memorial service will get under way at six in the evening when it takes place.

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