Mae Wolfe Obituary, Mae Wolfe Has Died

Barry Jenkin Obituary, Barry Jenkin AudioCulture Broadcaster Has Died


Barry Jenkin Obituary, Death –  The members of the AudioCulture team felt a huge sense of loss upon learning the news about the passing of broadcaster Barry Jenkin, and we believe that a significant number of you also had this same sense of sorrow upon learning the news. When we heard the news, we had a great sense of loss.

We have a number of items pertaining to Jenkin’s great career in radio and television, including a recently published page of recollections collected from his friends and comrades-in-arms. Among these items is a recently published page of memories. One of these items is a page that was just recently released. This page is just one example of the several pieces of evidence that we have in our possession relating to Jenkin’s professional life.

In addition, we maintain a website that is solely devoted to the celebration of Jenkin’s life and the contributions he made to the world of work. Andra, Jenkin’s daughter, has painstakingly compiled a playlist in memory of her late father that includes 30 of Dr. Rock’s songs that he considered to be his absolute favorites. This playlist is dedicated to Andra’s memory of her late father.

This playlist is going to be played during the course of this week. Other new features include an article that was written by Gareth Shute and is a profile of the band Kings; a visual essay that was written by Jonathan Ganley and is based on the years that he spent working at 95bFM; and an article that was written by NZ On Screen and is a celebration of the beginning of television in New Zealand. All of these articles can be found on the website. On the website, you will be able to locate each of these brand-new features for your use.

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