Gilbert Sloan Obituary, Gilbert Sloan University of Pennsylvania Lecturer Has Died

Barry Makos Obituary, Barry Makos Has Passed Away


Barry Makos Obituary, Death – In addition to being a doting father and grandfather to his grandson Brayden, whom he raised alongside his daughter Chantale, Barry Makos was also a devoted parent. Both Barry and Chantale were very nurturing to Brayden throughout his life. Barry Makos was an attentive and loving parent and grandfather to his daughters Tyler (Jaime) and Chantale (Shawn), as well as to Brayden, his grandson.

He was also an attentive and loving parent and grandfather to Brayden. It is regrettable that we are the ones who have to be the ones to break the news to you that he has passed away; but, the circumstances are beyond our control and cannot be changed. We do so with the utmost regret, but this is the only way that we can move forward. To everyone who has been made to feel uneasy as a result of this, we sincerely apologize and ask that you accept our sincere condolences.

Barry’s battle with cancer came to a sudden and unexpected end yesterday evening at home, where he was surrounded by the people who loved him the most. This turn of events was completely unexpected. His premature passing came as a surprise to everyone, including himself, including those closest to him. The suddenness of his untimely death came as a shock to everyone, including himself, but especially to those who were closest to him. Those people were taken aback by the unexpectedness of his passing.

Our entire family is in disbelief, and we would be really grateful if you could give us some space while we try to find out how to advance with the essential preparations while we are attempting to figure out how to proceed with the necessary preparations. The entire family is in disbelief. The entire family is taken aback by the news.

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