Baxter Wheatley Obituary, Death, FMC Member Has Passed Away

Baxter Wheatley Obituary, Death, FMC Member Has Passed Away


Baxter Wheatley Obituary, Death – Baxter Wheatley remained a revered and well-respected member of the FMC for the duration of his entire life. Because his passing will have such a significant bearing on both of our lives, it is with a heavy heart that we have to break the news to you that he has passed away. His passing will have a profound influence on both of our lives.

Because Baxter has been a part of the organization for such a long period of time up until this point, we have arrived at this location as a result of his tenure there. The grace and charisma with which a person lived their life should be mirrored in the monument they leave behind, and the memorial should be as appealing in its own right as the person’s life was in its own right to begin with.

This is because the elegance and charm with which a person lived their life should be reflected in the memorial they leave behind. viewing will be conducted at the church on the afternoon of Sunday, May 14, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., and everyone in the community who would like to pay their respects is more than welcome to do so at the church. The viewing will be held at the church.

Roger Shock and Dan Tilly will play the roles of hosts for this event and will be in charge of directing the many activities that are planned to take place throughout the course of this meeting. They will act as the event’s leaders and oversee all of the activities that take place during this occasion. The wake will begin at two in the afternoon, and the funeral will be held at the church where the ceremony will be held.

The wake will begin at four in the afternoon. The services are going to continue for the whole 24 hours that are scheduled. After a person has passed away, their remains will be placed in the Mt. Olive Cemetery, which is located in McKenzie, Tennessee. This is the final resting place for the individual who has passed away. When the deceased person’s life on earth has come to an end, they are going to be laid to rest in this cemetery.


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