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Benjamin Brown Obituary, Benjamin Brown Has Died


Benjamin Brown Obituary, Death –  According to a news release that was published by the Asheville Police Department on May 26, the pedestrian who was killed in a fatal incident with a car on May 22 on Merrimon Avenue at I-240 West was identified as Benjamin David Brown, who was 46 years old. The collision took place on Merrimon Avenue at I-240 West.

According to the release, law enforcement authorities responded to the scene of the collision that took place on May 22 at approximately 5:42 in the morning. The incident took place close to the intersection of Merrimon Avenue/U.S. Route 25 and Marcellus Street. The incident ultimately led to the pedestrian’s passing away as a consequence.

Brown was reportedly skating on a skateboard while he was driving south on Merrimon Avenue, as stated in the news statement. In spite of the fact that the traffic light at the intersection with Marcellus Street was illuminated in the red position, he proceeded on with the turn. A Republic solid trash collection truck that was traveling east on Marcellus Street entered the junction at the same time, and the two vehicles were involved in an accident at that very instant.

Within a short distance, Brown was ejected from the truck and came to rest in the roadway,” the announcement stated. The initial impact was caused by a Subaru Legacy sedan that was heading westbound on the exit ramp when it collided with the victim and created a second impact. Brown was unable to recover from the injuries he sustained as a result of the multiple collisions that took place at the scene. The notice claims that his next of kin have been made aware of the circumstances surrounding his condition.


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