Bert Van Meurs Car Accident, Malmedy Belgium, killed in Deadly Car Collision


Bert Van Meurs Car Accident – Bert van Meurs has sadly died. On the previous Sunday, Sportclub ’25 members received the sad and unfathomable news that their long-standing club member Bert van Meurs had died in an accident. Bert was active in more than only Sports Club’25. When it comes to transportation difficulties, the Sportclub ’25 group, together with its many sister associations, has never wasted time calling Bert.

Van Meurs has been associated with the association as the major sponsor since its inception about half a century ago. Bert was a member of this fantastic company’s management team for many years, and he was involved in both the successful and disastrous phases of the Sportclub ’25 organization. There was never a time when the call for help went unanswered.

Sportclub ’25’s G-Team has gotten particularly strong support in recent years. Even at special away matches, for example, the association has never used Taxi van Meurs in vain. Bert was a friendly guy with a big football heart. He was a good supporter as well as an entrepreneur, and he excelled at both. The association Sportclub ’25 has sustained substantial damage as a result of this unexpected loss. We hope that Martina and Linda, Jeanny and Frank, and the rest of the family can find the strength to get through this tough time.

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