Beryl Tothill Obituary, Beryl Tothill Has Passed Away

Beryl Tothill Obituary, Beryl Tothill Has Passed Away


Beryl Tothill Obituary, Death – Beryl Tothill passed away in a calm and serene manner while she was sleeping in the hospital on Tuesday morning. It is with deep regret that we relay the news of her passing. She had 87 years under her belt.
A very spiritual woman who placed daily prayer and weekly Eucharist at the center of her life has passed away, and the Parish of Canvey Island is mourning her loss. Beryl, who had been a widow for some time, eventually met Fred Tothill, who brought her back to feeling love, camaraderie, and happiness. On November 30, 2002, they exchanged vows in the church of St. Nicholas.

They were able to see much more of the world and take much more pleasure in their lives together as a result of this lovely new lease on life. They went to the Holy Land as part of a parish pilgrimage in the year 2009.
Beryl’s busy life was slightly limited when she underwent surgery to replace her hip in February 2020 and suffered from shingles the previous year.
On February 7 of the previous year, Fred passed away unexpectedly at home. Beryl’s life experienced a tragic loss that put an end to a brilliant brightness. But she continued to face each day with dignity and grace, reading and knitting, with the assistance of her extended family and a wonderful neighbor. She was a wonderful neighbor.
Our deepest sympathies go out to the Brown and Tothill families during this difficult time.

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