Bill Bussman Obituary, Death, Bill Bussman Has Passed Away

Bill Bussman Obituary, Death, Bill Bussman Has Passed Away


Bill Bussman Obituary, Death – I was destroyed by the awful news that this Shining Light of a Human died abruptly a few days ago. Bill Bussman was a man full of ideas, jokes, and crazy amusing stories (I especially loved the ones about things he said to the border patrol officials each time he rolled past their checkpoints). He was also full of energy, excitement, kindness, generosity, and community spirit.

At festivals, Bill took my son Django under his wing. He would come to my tie-dye booth and lead Django to his picking circle by the hand. Bill was aware that even the tiniest musicians preferred to be playing than to be at their mother’s tie-dye booth. When we were looking for Django’s first high-quality guitar, Bill also recommended that we visit Stan at Guitar Vista in Albuquerque.

Without Bill’s introduction, we would probably still be scaling ladders at Guitar Center looking through their disorganized collection of worn-out, out-of-tune instruments for something nice. Bill was a great link builder.
Some of the best advise I’ve ever received came from Bill. When I was just starting my firm, more than 20 years ago, I called him to inquire about a Labor Day event taking place close to his town. Sure, he answered, but if you really want to have a good time, head to Pagosa’s 4 Corners Folk Fest.

I did, and it really helped my new business take off, and it also helped me realize that I don’t want to sell my goods at craft events; instead, I want to be near the music! I’m grateful, Bill. Every tie dye project I ever completed for Bill, including this unique upright bass backpack case (he provided the fabric parts and put it all together with padding and straps after I dyed the material), came out completely faded from the beginning.


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