Bonnie Roberts Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

Bonnie Roberts Obituary, Death, Funeral Details


Bonnie Roberts Obituary, Death – The family of Bonnie Roberts, who died away recently, is in our thoughts and prayers here at The Rick Saucedo Show. Please accept our deepest sympathies. On multiple occasions, Bonnie appeared as a guest on the show. Bonnie was a regular on the show, making many appearances as a guest during the course of its run.

Bonnie served as the president of the official Rick Saucedo Fan Club for a sizeable portion of her life. In that role, she was the leader of the Rick Saucedo fan club. It’s possible that some of you remember having conversations with her or being members of the fan club back in the days before social media and the transition to this Facebook page that is dedicated to the fans. If so, please share your memories in the comments section below.

You could have found your way to this Facebook page through some other route, which is another possibility.
Bonnie put in a significant amount of effort with the intention of delivering to the public something that was constructed in a manner that adhered to the standards of the industry. To keep everyone informed about upcoming CDs and products, as well as Rick’s appearances on television, radio, or in print; to distribute club bulletins and show schedules.

She continued to do this for members situated all throughout North America despite the fact that she resided in Ohio at the time. We are in a condition of great sadness due to the news of her passing, which has left us in this position. I would want to take this opportunity to thank you, Bonnie, for all of the hard work, devotion, and happy memories that you have contributed. Rest in peace.

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