Sammy Davidson Obituary, Sammy Davidson Has Passed Away

Cathy Elliot Obituary, Cathy Elliot Hamley Bridge Bowling Club Member Has Died


Cathy Elliot Obituary, Death – Now that she has passed away, the Bowls Club members who knew Cathy Elliot through their connection to the organization will have a tremendous feeling of grief upon learning of her passing because they will have known her.

Even though she was only able to take part in a limited number of bowling contests, she had a tremendous passion for the sport, even though she was unable to actually compete in it. Cathy Elliot fought bravely against a wide variety of ailments up to the 11th of February, 2019, when she passed away. As she entered paradise, she was greeted by the angels who had been watching over her on earth.

After she passed away, those who had reached paradise spoke fondly of her memory there. During the time that she spent in this area, she was quite active in the political and social life of the town in which she resided. Both of her parents passed away before she was born; her mother, Alberta Mater Elliott, resided in Austin, Texas, and her father, Vance Johnson Elliott, MD, resided in Odessa, Texas.

Her mother passed away in the year before she was born. Neither one of them outlived the birth of their child. Both of her parents passed away before she could have been delivered with a chance of survival. An unexpected tragedy claimed the lives of both of her parents before she was even born. She was never acquainted with either one of them. They didn’t share any children, and neither one of them had any children of their own either.

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