Cee Jay Griffin Obituary, Cee Jay Griffin has died

Cee Jay Griffin Obituary, Cee Jay Griffin has died


Cee Jay Griffin Obituary, Death – Even though I knew it couldn’t possibly be true, when I came to, I got the unmistakable feeling that everything that had occurred in my waking life the previous day was a dream. This was despite the fact that I knew it couldn’t possibly be true. I had the sensation that everything that had happened was a dream the whole time.

I am still in a state of shock and disbelief as I sit here and write what is without a doubt one of the most difficult things I have ever been required to write. As I type this, I am sitting here. My husband, Cee Jay Gryphon, went suddenly yesterday in a manner that nobody could have ever foreseen, and his death came as a complete and utter surprise to everyone.

His passing came as a total and utter surprise to everyone. Recently, there have been a few very minor health concerns, but nothing on the scale that has lead us to believe that it would ever reach this degree even in our wildest fantasies. In recent times, there have been a few concerns regarding health, but none of them have given us any reason to expect that it would reach this point.

The night before, I made an effort to get in touch with all of our friends and family members whose phone numbers I had and who I knew would be available at that time. I made sure to call only those people for whom I had contact information and for whom I knew an available phone number. I sincerely apologise to everyone whom I may have forgotten, and I am sorry that you were required to find out in such a manner. I am also sorry that you were forced to find out. Please acknowledge that I am sorry. At a later point in time, there will be an announcement made regarding the particulars of the funeral preparations that have been made.



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