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Chris Ramsay Obituary, South Augusta Football Club Former Player has died


Chris Ramsay Death, Obituary – Everyone at the South Augusta Football Club is in a state of shock after hearing that former A Grade Premiership player Chris Ramsay passed away just a short while ago in Crystal Brook. The news has put everyone in a state of astonishment. Chris was a member of the South Augusta team that competed in the 1983 season.

In 1983, Chris was picked up from Central Whyalla, where he had previously competed for a Premiership team and represented Whyalla in Intertown games. Chris was also a representative of Whyalla in these competitions. When Whyalla competed in the Intertown competitions, Chris was offered the opportunity to play for the team. Chris is now listed on the roster for the Whyalla club in an official capacity.

Even though Chris was only a member of the club for a single season, he left a great impact on the organization by scoring 34 goals from the Center Half Forward position and placing seventh in the club’s award for the Fairest and Best Player. Even though Chris was only a member of the club for one season, he left a significant impact on the organization.

In spite of the fact that Chris was only a part of the club for one year, he nonetheless managed to make a substantial impact on the organization. Chris’s services to South during that season were a major factor in the team’s overall success, which was led by Coach Dennis Russell and was largely attributable to Chris’s efforts. He was a standout performance for the team that defeated Sollomontown and won the Premiership.

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