Chris Timothy Obituary, Chris Timothy Has Died

Chris Timothy Obituary, Chris Timothy Has Died


Chris Timothy Obituary, Death –  Our sincerest condolences are extended to you on the passing of Chris Timothy, a longtime friend who was also a trainer, athlete, and bodybuilder. Chris was a friend of ours for many years. Chris went away not too long ago. As a result of hearing the news of his departure, we are feeling forlorn and grieved.

The news of his departure has left us with a profound sense of grief in our hearts. We will miss him terribly. Chris had spent the last two years engaged in a valiant and draining war against the melanoma cancer he was diagnosed with.

It is going to be quite challenging to replicate the zeal and enthusiasm that he showed when participating in the activities at the fitness center. The memorial services that are going to be held there will take place at the LDS church, which is located at 450 north 200 west in Ephraim, Utah 84627. You may find there by using the coordinates.

In the sentence that came before this one, you might find information about the location of the church.
On the evening of Friday, June 3, there will be a viewing that begins at six in the evening and continues until eight in the evening. The event will take place. On the same day as the funeral services, which are set to take place on the Saturday, June 3rd, at eleven in the morning, there will be a viewing that will begin at nine in the morning. The funeral services will begin at eleven.

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