Chuck Hale Obituary, Death, Livingston Police Department Chief has died

Chuck Hale Obituary, Death, Livingston Police Department Chief has died


Chuck Hale Obituary, Death – We regret to tell you of the demise of one of our very own, Chief Chuck Hale. It is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you. After devoting his whole life to serving and defending our city, Chief Hale passed away on the evening of May 16, 2023, as a result of complications arising from his physical condition.
Over the course of more than twenty years, Chief Hale provided our community with unflinching dedication and unyielding devotion. Not only was he a devoted member of the law enforcement community, but he was also a reliable friend and guide to a good number of us. His unwavering dedication to ensuring that our city was a secure location in which people could live, work, and bring up their families is illustrative of his genuine moral fiber and honesty.
The passing of Chief Hale has created a hole in our community that will be very difficult to repair once it has been established. His memory will live on in our hearts forever, and we will continue to pay tribute to him by upholding the ideals and standards that he championed in this world. During this terrible time, our thoughts and prayers are with Chief Hale’s family and loved ones.

Please accept our sincerest condolences. We extend our condolences to his family, who served in law enforcement, as they have suffered the loss of one of their own. We will be eternally thankful to Chief Hale for his unselfish service, commitment, and passion to making our town a safer place, and we would want to thank him for his work in this capacity. I pray that God would grant his soul eternal peace.

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