Conti Clementina Obituary, Conti Clementina Has Passed Away

Clementina Southgate Obituary, Clementina Southgate Has Passed Away


Clementina Southgate Obituary, Death –  She was taken suddenly ill in Morriston Hospital on the morning of Tuesday, May 9, 2023, and she passed away in that facility later that day. She had checked into the facility in question the previous evening and had been a patient there ever since. Clementina SOUTHGATE was her given name at birth, but for a lengthy stretch of time, she was just referred to as Conti.

Her given name was Clementina SOUTHGATE. She was christened with the name Clementina SOUTHGATE when she was first brought into the world. Clementina was born in Maesglas, which also happens to be the name of a hamlet in Llandovery County. Maesglas is the place that Clementina considers to be her home town. Respectable mother-in-law of Seghir and Ruth, adored grandmother of Lyes and Anissa, and cherished great-grandmother of Luca, Lucy, Matteo, and Leo.

She was Sandra and David’s mother, and as such, she was respected and cherished by both of her children. Kelly was deeply attached to her in his role as his wife, but he recently divorced her and moved on without her. Kelly is no longer present with us in this location.

On the 30th of May, 2023, in Our Lady’s Catholic Church in Llandovery, a memorial burial service will be performed in remembrance of the individual who passed away. In honor of the person who has passed away, the gathering will take place as planned. This gathering is going to be conducted in honor of the person who passed away a little while ago in commemoration of the person who passed away just a little while ago.


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