Daniel Wilson Obituary, Chicago Fire Department Firefighter Has Died


Daniel Wilson Obituary – Daniel C. Wilson, 58, passed away on October 23, 2010. In Curtice, Ohio, where he had been a volunteer firefighter for 32 years, he served as second assistant chief. Dan was a member of the Jerusalem Dive and Rescue Team and also a firefighter. He assisted in maintaining the fire trucks’ top-notch operational condition and worked with the department’s pagers and radios. Truck 312 drove flawlessly, and the firemen used to joke that it knew when Dan was in the driver’s seat.

Dan participated actively in the Jerusalem Township-related Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant Program. In his honor, the fire department retired the number 308. Dan spent 30 years as a city driver and dock checker for Roadway Express. After leaving Roadway, he assisted local farmers in transporting their harvest to the granary and performed some minor repair work for a local business.

Dan helped out whenever it was needed during his many years of volunteering at his church. In addition to camping with family and friends, Dan also enjoyed a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon and his special BBQ chicken recipe with family and friends. He enjoyed taking his wife and friends along on Harley-Davidson trips, and it was fun when the excursion ended with an ice cream stop. He thoroughly enjoyed spending time with his two grandchildren, attending their sporting activities with them, driving them around in the golf cart, taking them camping, and simply relaxing on the porch swing and listening to their day’s happenings. Terry and Dan were wed for 38 years. Robert and Kevin, their two sons, were born.

Trent, age 6, and Korrin, age 9, are Kevin and Jennifer’s kids. The oldest of seven kids, Dan was. He donated both organs and tissues. Kevin described his father as a man who was incredibly humble, accomplished a lot, and was an inspiration even when he didn’t speak. He said to me, “Life is a lesson.” Together, we share, learn, teach, and grow. Every day of my dad’s life, he engaged in this. He volunteered his time to his family and his neighborhood.

He cherished his time spent with his brothers in arms, his extended family, and the fire department. He not only kept an eye on and assisted the neighborhood, but also the people he served with. “If I do it for them,” he once told me, “they’ll do it for me.” He was and thought that because that was who he was. There was no denying his pride. My father may have been straightforward, but that in no way defines him. What about: “Poppy Dan,” a grandfather who is unselfish, strong, loving, caring, stubborn, trustworthy, organized, and a hero to many. Truly, we miss him.

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