Devon Hoover Death, Detroit Neurosurgeon Found Dead


Devon Hoover, Detroit Neurosurgeon Found  Dead – First let me emphasize this isn’t about me.I’ve succeeded if I soothe someone. Believing in life beyond death requires openness. Last night I conjured up various recollections, one of which was my Aunt despised my Dad. From a small boy to adult it’s always been flung in my face, “you’re just like your father” but in truth, I have my father’s sense of humor and positive traits.

I told Dad I loved and missed him last night. After saying this, my three fire alarms went off simultaneously. My dad’s spirit—no fire. Since this isn’t about me, here’s another. My first love died in a car accident. For a year, I experienced the same dream: I was terrified to approach a forest yet wanted to see Andy. “Whitechapel,” Andy’s and my final resting place, was next.Prior to Andy’s death I had never seen or been to Whitechapel.

I dreamed of a large, cobwebbed castle. I’d walk in and see Andy’s name on the wall where he’s buried. Strangely, his name was about Andy’s height, 5″10. As I stood before his tomb, I would feel like someone was behind me, like all my previous dreams. Andy was there when I turned. I would happily shout his name and ask him to take me to the afterlife. His smile warmed hearts. He’d say he’s fine but can’t take me and disappear.

I was surprised to be one of 12 Our dreams publication finalists. Why on my 20th reunion? Andy died in 1983, and our 20th reunion was in 2000. My relatives and friends know I don’t believe in coincidences. If you’ve read this far, remember it’s not about me, it’s about us, even Devon. If we’re open-minded, deceased loved ones will visit us. They’re reassuring. Angelic Dr. Devon Hoover. Devon will likely see her family and friends. I hope my tale comforts you.

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