Jeffrey Silveira Obituary, Jeffrey Silveira Has Passed Away

Dolice Munezero Obituary, Bow NH, Dolice Munezero has died


Dolice Munezero Obituary, Death – Dolice Munezero was able to get enjoyment from the things that she achieved, which contributed to the joy and success that she experienced throughout her life. This was due to the fact that Dolice was able to derive satisfaction from the things that she achieved. She was a very loyal member of the community in which she lived, in addition to being a wife, a mother, and a writer.

She also had a career in writing. She passed away not too long ago. Because she had to take care of all of these responsibilities, she was kept very busy. Her prior experience includes working as a manager in healthcare service administration in a number of settings around the country.When she passed away on January 8, 2023, she had 82 years under her belt at the time of her passing. She had been ill for a considerable amount of time.

Her departure occurred. Mary, her mother Marcella, and their father Paul, along with their younger sister Jane, arrived at the conclusion that the state of Wisconsin would serve as their new permanent home when Mary was still a small child. She received her diploma from Libertyville High School when she was sixteen years old and then went on to join in the Dental Hygiene program at Marquette University, which she eventually graduated from and received a degree from.

She was able to complete her study there and earn a degree as a result. After completing her education in dental hygiene, she is now working in the field. Marquette was the location of both her high school graduation and the ceremony during which she was awarded her diploma. An early interest in personal computers led to a position as President of the Chicago Computer Society, where she finally met paths with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.


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