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Dora Garza Obituary, Death –  A memorial service honouring the life of Rodney Charles Womack will take place at the Church of the King in McAllen at ten o’clock in the morning on the day of the celebration of life. The Kreidler Funeral Home in McAllen is in charge of making the appropriate arrangements as of today, the 13th of May in the year 2023. This date corresponds to the year 2023.

When Charles was working as a psychiatrist, he saw patients ranging in age from children all the way up to adults and teenagers. Dr. Charles gave a chunk of his life to honourably serving his country in the armed forces. He did this for a number of years. Before he passed away, both of his parents as well as his brother had already left this world. His mother was from the town of West Helena in the state of Arkansas, while his father was from the city of Chicago in the state of Illinois. Leroy Charles Jr. was also the name of the man’s sibling.

Those who are left to cherish his memory are his wife, LaTonya S. Charles; his children Kailah, Kennede, Christian, Madison, and Malaya of West Helena, Arkansas; and his mother, Gertie Charles; in addition to a great number of other family members and friends.

LaTonya S. Charles was his wife. His children Kailah, Kennede, Christian, Madison, and Malaya live in West Helena. The family has asked that, in lieu of sending flowers, monetary contributions be sent to Bancorp South Bank, which is situated in Alexandria, Louisiana. These contributions are to be made with the intention of assisting the children.


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