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Eddie MacIntyre Obituary, Eddie MacIntyre Has Passed Away


Eddie MacIntyre Obituary, Death – We have been grieving Eddie MacIntyre’s untimely passing for the past week. Eddie was a neighbor and a shining light in the world. When someone so brilliant leaves our world, it’s difficult to know what to say. All we can say is that we hope he realized how much he meant to us. You always want to inform someone when you have more time.
Eddie has been our mother’s family’s neighbor for over a lifetime in addition to being a neighbor to our more recent gardening endeavors. Eddie and Ann have supported us throughout the past few years at critical times. They battled beside us when our family had to take on the municipality and a planned development to defend our right to live in the country.

They were there with us, holding down plastic and tying ropes, when we purchased our first high tunnel and required help building it. They visited our home that evening to tell us stories and toast our grandmother’s life after she went away. They loaned us their tractor to assist with the job when we needed to restart our gardens on a fresh spot. They supported us and offered assistance when we wanted to try to revive the Big Pond Concert.

Additionally, Eddie always made us all feel supported, as if what we’re doing and who we are truly matter. He frequently brought his dog Teddy and spoke with the kids when he came over to the house to buy a dozen eggs or some vegetables. That attempt to make others feel important is the best sign of a life well lived, in our opinion. Eddie, we appreciate you lighting our lives. We are going to miss you so much.

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