Elizabeth Whittles Obituary, Elizabeth Whittles Has Passed Away

Elizabeth Whittles Obituary, Elizabeth Whittles Has Passed Away


Elizabeth Whittles Obituary, Death – Elizabeth “Libby” Whittles passed away recently, and we are devastated to relay the news. Jenny, her mother, writes: “Libby unfortunately passed away on May 3rd as a result of SUDEP. Libby, who was just ten years old, had the kindest and gentlest soul. She enjoyed playing with her older siblings Bella and Ben as well as her twin brother Joe.

She frequently held at least one animal in her hands because she was always curious about what everyone was doing and where the animals were. When Libby was 18 months old, her epilepsy was identified. We did everything we could to be by her side and ensure her safety. Libby struggled with epilepsy every day, and despite taking various medications and receiving a VNS transplant, her seizures were never completely under control.

We are really proud of Libby for refusing to let this agonizing condition rule her life. She made the most of each moment of her existence! She was a joy to be around since she had the most endearing grin, infectious laugh, and an abundance of happiness. After Libby passed away, our family decided to donate her organs, and we are pleased to say that Libby’s legacy continues.

Her other organs have been matched with recipients all around the state of Florida, and her heart is beating strongly in a receiver in Georgia. This is a clear indication of how generous this girl was since Libby would have done everything to aid others. May the person who receives Libby’s heart understand the depth of her love and live her example for the rest of her life.

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