Erik Farias Obituary, Death, Spokane WA, Funeral Detals

Erik Farias Obituary, Death, Spokane WA, Funeral Detals


Erik Farias Obituary, Death – Our family is heartbroken to tell you of Erik’s passing since he was valued in all of the roles that he played, including those of son, brother, uncle, and friend. The very idea that we need to put this down brings tears to the eyes of every single member of our family. When a person is still growing and developing, it is practically impossible to bear the loss of a loved one.

On Thursday, Erik was suddenly taken away from us for unknown reasons. There is currently no information that can point to a possible cause of death. As we navigate the aftermath of this unexpected tragedy, we kindly ask that you respect our need for privacy. Thank you for your consideration.

Erik possessed a personality that was geared toward achievement. Many of you knew him in his capacity as a one-of-a-kind athlete and had the opportunity to compete against him. Not only was he a standout performer on the court, but he also left an impression off of it that was equally as strong, if not stronger. We have an incredible amount of affection for him and will miss him profoundly.

A good number of you are looking into various approaches to assisting our family while we navigate this challenging period. Those of you who are interested in providing aid should read the information on this website. These donations will be utilized to assist with the costs related with the funeral as well as any other unforeseen expenses that have been incurred during this period. We are grateful beyond words for each and every one of you. We are aware of all the kind words that have been spoken, and we cannot express how much we value them.

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