Fox Lake Shooting Dockers 1 Killed 1 injured and Hospitalized


Fox Lake Shooting Dockers – Reports indicate that on Tuesday afternoon, a quarrel that began between two brothers at a restaurant in Fox Lake resulted in a gunshot that took place inside the restaurant’s kitchen. The shooting resulted in the death of one of the brothers. On Tuesday, about 1:30 in the afternoon, officers from the Fox Lake Police Department were sent to the Dockers Restaurant & Lounge, which is situated on the twenty-first block of West Grand Avenue.

The restaurant and lounge is in the neighborhood of West Grand Avenue. Before shots were fired, there was an altercation between two brothers who were working in the kitchen of the restaurant, as stated by the reports of the Fox Lake police. It is not certain whether both sides that fought in the conflict were armed. The incident is also being looked into by the authorities as a suspected attempt at murdering oneself before taking one’s own life.

Following additional inquiry, the two brothers were identified as Marciano Martinez and Mario Martinez Benitez. Reports indicate that Marciano pulled the trigger on himself and committed suicide at the scene of the altercation in which he was involved. Mario was taken to a neighboring hospital, where he is presently being treated for an injury that is being described as life-threatening. Reports indicate that a sizeable percentage of restaurant patrons were ignorant of the issue until the cops arrived.

Customers in Fox Lake reportedly told police in that municipality, “We were wondering why we didn’t get our delivery right away,” which is according to the chief of police in that particular municipality. They left the establishment because they weren’t served, which led to their decision to depart. At this point, there is no threat to the safety of the general public. Both the serious crimes task force and the coroner can now be found at the scene of the incident. At this point in time, the investigation is still being carried out.

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