Frank Meredith Obituary, Kansas City Missouri, Frank Meredith has Passed Away


Frank Meredith Obituary, Death – Jay Frank Meredith, who had been born in Warren and lived there for most of his life, passed away in the city of Henderson, Nevada, on the 7th of December, 2022. He was 79 years old. On May 19, 1943, Frank Meredith was born in the city of Detroit. Earl Meredith and Ruby Meredith were his parents, and he was named after both of them. Karon’s devoted husband Frank, to whom she had been married for the past four decades, was always there for her whenever she required his assistance. Frank and Karon had been married for the past forty years. After serving his country honorably in the Air Force for a period of time, he went on to enjoy a prosperous career at Chrysler that spanned the course of 33 years.

Before that, he earned his diploma from Denby High School and completed his high school education. Frank was an avid supporter of the University of Michigan football team, in addition to enjoying softball and bowling. He also liked to watch college football. Frank’s maternal and paternal grandparents, Earl and Ruby, as well as his sisters Sara and Elaine, and his brothers Robert and David, all passed away before he did. Frank is the last surviving member of his immediate family. Several members of Frank’s family, including his wife Karon Meredith, his son Michael Cowling and his wife Kristie, his grandchildren Chris and Erick, and his brother Dan Meredith and his wife Barbara, will go on after Frank’s departure. Karon Meredith will also take over as Frank’s replacement as CEO.

Frank’s corpse was cremated, and there are no plans to hold any memorial services or services in his honor at this time. The Davis Funeral Home is currently in charge of making the necessary arrangements for the funeral. Instead of sending flowers, you can consider making a donation to the Henderson Animal Shelter, which is located at PO Box 95050, Henderson, Nevada 89009. You can find the address for the shelter here. The family of Frank would like to express their most heartfelt gratitude to Larry and Helga Roles, as well as Ron and Christine Krzyminski, for their companionship and support over the length of Frank’s life. Larry and Helga Roles are also in the family of Ron and Christine Krzyminski.

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