Gabriella Loosya Obituary, Death, Troy MI, Chamberlain Student Has Passed Away

Gabriella Loosya Obituary, Death, Troy MI, Chamberlain Student Has Passed Away


Gabriella Loosya Obituary, Death – Gabriella Loosya was a treasured friend and student at Chamberlain, and it hurts us much to tell you the news that she has died away because she was such an important part of our community. We are truly sorry to have to break this news to you. Because it has caught both of us by total and utter surprise, we simply cannot believe that it is up to us to be the ones to deliver this information to you.

All of us here are overcome with emotion as we bid our farewell to Gabriella because she started her profession as a nurse with the class that graduated in August 2024, and we will all remember her fondly. The nursing program was where Gabriella got her start in the medical field. The year 2024 marks the end of Gabriella’s schooling and the beginning of her adult life.

It is possible that Gabriella’s time spent in nursing school was the impetus for her initial involvement in the community. Gabriella, we want you to know that you will never be far from our thoughts, and that there is a special place in each of our hearts that will always be saved for you. We want you to know that we will never forget you. You will remain ingrained in our minds forever.

You will never, under any circumstances, be forgotten about, regardless of the circumstances that are surrounding the situation. The Student Government Association and the Student Nurses Association have started a GoFundMe campaign in the name of Gabriella’s family in the hopes of alleviating some of the financial strain that the family is experiencing as a direct result of Gabriella’s continued medical expenditures. The SGA and the SNA have created the campaign in the name of Gabriella’s family.


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