Geoff Mykleby Obituary, Milwaukee WI, Kathy Mykleby Husband Has Died Geoff Mykleby Obituary, Milwaukee WI, Kathy Mykleby Husband Has Died

Geoff Mykleby Obituary, Milwaukee WI, Kathy Mykleby Husband Has Died


Geoff Mykleby Obituary, Death – If you look up towards the clouds, you might be able to see Geoff Mykleby swimming the backstroke at a record-breaking pace! What a fun-loving life he enjoyed, yet it was way too short.
He cherished every aspect of his life, including his family, his career, and everyone he had come to know during his formative years. Naturally, he also delighted in his fixation. SWIMMING!

Geoff dove into the neighbourhood pool in Omaha when he was eight years old. Because of his innate talent, a coach convinced his mother to sign him up for a meet. His first of countless victories across the country over the years was attained. He then started swimming competitively at Homewood Flossmoor High School, Cedar Rapids Washington High School, North Carolina State University, and the Schroeder and Elmbrook Masters swim teams. Along the trip, he engaged in open water swimming in the Mediterranean, Lake Michigan, Maui, and Mexico.

When he was 16 and still living in Cedar Rapids, his father observed that dentists seem to lead happy lives. He took note of this and afterwards resolved to preserve and promote as many smiles as he could. Before taking on the position of Milwaukee Brewers team dentist, he participated in continuing education events. Unfortunately, health issues forced him to retire far earlier than he had expected. When he was a dental student at the University of Iowa in his early 20s, a woman named Kathy unintentionally stepped on his toe while attempting to start a conversation. They celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve of the previous year.

Over the years, people have moved from Iowa to Oklahoma and eventually to Milwaukee. They were fortunate to be on their side. Geoff’s company grew. For a long time, Kathy worked in television news. They held big Thanksgiving feasts in their perfect home, inviting all of their parents, siblings, spouses, nieces, nephews, and many friends. One Thanksgiving, there were more than 50 people crowded into the house. Many acquaintances have heard them say, “That was the best party ever!” from a huge 65th surprise birthday celebration held in Milwaukee in 2018 to their wedding in Chicago in 1977.

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