George Arvanitis Obituary, Victoria, George Arvanitis has Reportedly Passed Away


George Arvanitis Obituary, Death – On November 1st, 2018, George Loukas Arvanitis, an architect and urban planner who was known all over the world, passed away at UF Health and Shand’s Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. He was surrounded by his family at the time of his passing. His birth year was 1967, and he passed away in 2022. On October 5, 1967, he was brought into the world by his parents, Loukas and Massina Arvanitis, who were originally from Gainesville, Florida but currently resided in Ottawa, Ontario. It was in Gainesville, Florida, where George’s father was a well-known professor of forestry at the University of Florida, that George spent the most of his boyhood.

Prior to that, George and his family had spent their formative years moving frequently between Canada and Greece. George was raised in two nations during his boyhood. George was already demonstrating artistic ability at the tender age of four, when he sketched and drew on his own without any assistance. Additionally, he shown a special aptitude for the architecture of various structures. When he was in Greece, he skipped class on one occasion so that he could investigate the famous round White Tower in Thessaloniki.

Because of this, his parents felt a mixture of fear and amusement when the police drove him back to them in a Jeep after discovering a little youngster standing alone in front of the tower. The incident caused the officers to make the discovery. When he was finally restored to his parents, they were able to chuckle about the situation. Following his graduation from Gainesville Buchholz High School, he continued his education at the University of Florida’s college of architecture in order to pursue his interest in the design field. He attended the educational establishment and earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture in the year 1989.

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