Shannon Cannon Obituary, Shannon Cannon Has Passed Away

GJJ Severinghaus Obituary, GJJ Severinghaus Has Died In A Car Accident


GJJ Severinghaus Obituary, Death –  The name of the motorcyclist who was killed in an accident early on Thursday morning has been made public by the authorities in St. Joseph County. That county is the location where the incident took place. An SUV and a motorcycle were involved in a collision that took place just before 12:35 a.m. and roughly north of W. Cleveland Road on N. Ironwood Road. The collision took place just before 12:35 a.m. Because of the collision, law enforcement personnel were sent to the location of the accident immediately after it occurred.

The records of the police claim that a head-on accident between an SUV driven by a guy in his 20s from Mishawaka and a motorbike ridden by GJJ Dunn Severinghaus, 46, from Niles is stated to have occurred when both automobiles were heading south on Ironwood. The driver of the SUV was from Mishawaka, and the motorcyclist was from Niles. Both cars were heading in the same general direction at the time.

When emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the incident, it was determined that Severinghaus had already passed away before their arrival. In spite of the collision that took place, the individual who was driving the SUV walked away unscathed. There was not a single other passenger that was traveling with us.

The driver of the SUV reportedly complied with the requests of the law enforcement officers who were present at the accident scene and allowed a blood sample to be taken in accordance with the procedures. The generation of the reports on the toxicological findings is still in progress at this time.  At this time, the St. Joseph County Fatal Incident Team is continuing the investigation into the incident that occurred earlier today.


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