Zachary R. Melton Obituary, Zachary R. Melton has passed away

Gloria Gallant Obituary, Gloria Gallant Has Died


Gloria Gallant Obituary, Death – Since it was only very recently discovered that Gloria had passed away, all of us here at Community Inclusions have been in a state of mourning ever since the news emerged that she had passed away. During a significant portion of time, Gloria was a regular guest at the Maple House Centre where we have our business. We would like her friends and family to know that they are in our thoughts and that we share their sadness during this trying time.

Please let them know that we are thinking about them. We would like for them to be aware that you are in our thoughts and that we share in your sense of loss. Her roots can be traced all the way back to Frost, Minnesota, which is where she was born and raised. Both of her parents, Myron P. Erickson and Neveda M. (Eilertson) Erickson, had already passed away prior to the time that she was conceived and delivered. Because she was brought up in Kiester, Minnesota, she attended the public schools in that city for her education.

This is the same city in which she acquired her education because she was brought up there. throughout the years that the Korean War was raging, Gloria served her country as a Corporal in the United States Army. She did this while serving her country throughout those years.

When she finally took her retirement from the Directory Assistance department of New England Telephone and Telegraph, which would eventually be renamed Verizon, she had a cumulative total of twenty-five years of experience working there. During that period, she had worked her way up through the ranks of the organization, serving in a variety of roles over the course of her career. When she ultimately made the decision to retire, she had racked up a cumulative total of twenty-five years working at that location.

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