Harry “Duke” Holmes Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

Harry “Duke” Holmes Obituary, Death, Funeral Details


Harry “Duke” Holmes Obituary, Death – After learning of the passing of Harry “Duke” Holmes, an employee of the company for a very long time, the Green Top family is inconsolable. Harry “Duke” Holmes worked for the company for a very long time. Harry “Duke” Holmes worked for the company for a very long time. The Green Top family will always remember Harry “Duke” Holmes with a warm and affectionate spot in their hearts.

“Duke” was an employee at this business for a considerable amount of time while using the alias “Duke.” After being involved in a very serious bicycle accident throughout the course of the weekend, which took place on Saturday, Duke sustained injuries that required medical attention. During the approximately 25 years that he worked as an associate for Green Top, it was abundantly clear that he had a real appreciation for the natural environment.

This was especially apparent in his work. During the entirety of his time there, this adoration was very clear. During the entirety of his stay at that place, he encountered this predicament on a regular basis. A significant portion of our clientele actively sought out Duke in order to receive guidance from him regarding a wide variety of concerns. These discussions covered a wide range of subjects, some of which were reloading, black powder, knives, and outdoor apparel; however, they were not limited to just those four categories alone.

Because of the gravity of the situation, we ask that you keep Duke’s family and Buck, the family dog, in your thoughts and prayers. Please keep in mind that Duke’s family is in the hospital. Please bear in mind the request that was made. We would be grateful if you could keep us in your thoughts moving ahead and thank you in advance for doing so. I am grateful. I say a prayer that the peace and quiet that you, the Duke, so much need would find its way to you. Please accept my supplication.

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