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Heidi Babushka Obituary, Heidi Babushka Has Died


Heidi Babushka Obituary, Death – Tragically, early on Saturday, May 6, Heidi, Heids, and Heidushka Babushka went away gently at our mother’s house. Our loss is really tragic, especially for my mother because Heidi moved to L’Agulhas to be near my mother after going through a lot and having a lot of discussions, putting an incredible emotional strain on herself and appearing to be on the road to happiness.

We have been in L’Agulhas for the past two weeks to be near family, try to understand this tragedy, and to support my mother as she dealt with the difficult tasks of handling the final affairs of her only daughter. But mostly, we have been there to try to avoid the unavoidable truth. Without going into great detail, I can say that despite all of her complexity, everyone who knew my sister recognized that she was defined by her infinite inner fortitude in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles—a feature shared by all the women in our family.

Her enormous extended family and menagerie, together with the fact that she constantly wore her heart on her sleeve—sometimes to an unhealthy degree—were testaments to the unfathomably deep reservoir of love and compassion she had. It’s too terrible to think about right now, but my mother might have some sort of memorial service. I might scatter part of Heidi’s ashes, with my mother’s approval, on a Greek island she wished to visit, enabling her to carry on living.
If you have read this far, I politely ask that you not comment to this by expressing your sorrow for our loss if you knew Heidi. I do appreciate your nice words, though. Please answer with a recollection or encouraging words about Heidi instead than criticizing us; I don’t think any of us will ever truly move on from this. Instead, focus on Heidi and her descendants, her heartbeats, and the loved ones she left behind who will, hopefully, carry the best parts of her into the future.

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