Jack Douglass Obituary, Death, Leichhardt Celebrity Brass Former Member has died

Jack Douglass Obituary, Death, Leichhardt Celebrity Brass Former Member has died


Jack Douglass Obituary, Death – This week, we were informed of the passing of Jack Douglass, who had been a former member of LCB and had played with them roughly ten years ago. We found out about his passing this week. The news left us in a state of profound melancholy, and it came as a complete surprise to learn that he had passed away.

As a direct result of hearing this, we are currently suffering from a great deal of mental distress. When we learned of his departure this week, we were astounded beyond all reasonable expectations. We just couldn’t believe it. The sad piece of news that he had passed away was sent along to us this week, and we were informed of his passing. This week, the unfortunate information that he had passed away was relayed to us, and we were made aware of his passing after being informed of the news.

This past week, after we learned of his leaving, which was something that made us feel sorry, it put us in a gloomy position, and as a result, we were left feeling melancholy as a consequence of it. In addition to Jack’s notoriety as an amazing performer on the euphonium, he was known for his gentlemanly demeanor, which earned him the reputation of being an upstanding member of the band.

Jack’s notoriety as an exceptional performer on the euphonium earned him this reputation. This reputation was earned by Jack as a result of his notoriety as an extraordinary player on the euphonium. The memorial service that will be held the next weekend, on May 27th, will be held in the Blacktown Salvation Army Citadel, which can be found in Blacktown on Kempsey Street.

The ceremony will take place on the Saturday after Memorial Day. If you take Kempsey Street, you should be able to reach your destination. During the ceremony commemorating those who have passed away in the Blacktown community, a departed resident of the area will be remembered and honored for the contributions they made to the surrounding area. The event will officially begin at eleven o’clock in the morning and continue on as scheduled throughout the entire day.





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