Jacob Stokes Swimming Accident, Death, Jacob Stokes Has Passed Away

Jacob Stokes Swimming Accident, Death, Jacob Stokes Has Passed Away


Jacob Stokes Swimming Accident, Death –  On Sunday, a former student of Mountainside High School was reminisced about as a “easygoing” and “super nice person” who was involved in track and field and intended to attend Oregon State University beginning with the upcoming academic year.

Jacob Stokes, age 18, was reportedly killed “in a tragic swimming accident” at Cannon Beach, as stated in a letter that was delivered to the homes of the school’s parents on Sunday by the principal. As of right now, no one has been successful in locating his body.

Stokes and three other individuals of the same age were at the beach on Friday afternoon at four o’clock when all four of them suddenly vanished from view. Stokes was one of the individuals. Two pupils were able to get themselves out of the water on their own, according to the officials who responded to the incident. A rescue swimmer was able to find and rescue a second swimmer, who was subsequently brought to safety on the shore. However, there was no success in locating Stokes.

The letter that was sent out by Corsetti included the following statement: “our hearts break for Jacob’s family, his close friends, and our entire community at this time of deep sadness and grief.” “Students will have access to mental health professionals during the school day in the MHS library, including not just MHS counselors but also those from other schools in the district.  According to Lieutenant Shaunna White of Cannon Beach Fire & Rescue, who is a rescue swimmer but was not on the call on Friday, “When going to the ocean, it is important to do research on the locations of rip currents and check the tides. ” Knowledge is power, and it just might save your life.


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