James Fowler High School Lock Down, Student In Detention After Aound With Weapon


James Fowler High School Lock Down – After a kid was discovered to be in possession of a weapon on Wednesday morning at a high school in Calgary, the school was placed on lockdown for a short amount of time. The event started at approximately 10:30 in the morning at James Fowler High School, which is located in the neighborhood of Highland Park.

Principal Keith Johnson said in an email that was later sent to the parents of the school’s children that “Staff were made aware of a student with a weapon,” and the communication was eventually distributed to those parents. “A call was placed to the Calgary Police Service (CPS), which promptly arrived at the scene and took care of the problem. “The student was taken into police custody.” The lockdown was lifted at roughly 11:15 a.m. when CPS cleared the campus.

CPS confirmed the event to Global News. Johnson praised both the staff at the school as well as the students for their “exceptional response” during the lockdown. The principal of the school sent an email to the parents of the students in which he stated, “I want you to know that the safety and security of students is our top priority, and the steps taken today were according to the school’s emergency response plans,” the principal of the school said. The school is providing options for students who want to talk with someone about the “potentially upsetting event,” and the school is making those options accessible to them.

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