James Lewis Obituary, Former TSO, Vocalist Has Sadly Passed Away


James Lewis Obituary, Death – Today, we lost a member of our TSO family. The legendary James Lewis. I never had the privilege of touring with him, but we did meet on a few occasions, and his incredible energy, charisma, and sense of humor were fantastic! I was thinking we’d get to go on a tour together. I’d heard nothing but good things about him from my TSO bandmates. Unfortunately, he was unable to return.

I was only ‘filling in’ for him on the songs he sang in the early years of my tenure with the band, hoping he’d come back. I’ll always think of myself as stepping in for James… and I’ll keep giving everything I’ve got for as long as I can, trying to do what he told me when I first joined the band. ‘Congrats! Now don’t screw it up’, hehe. He had a fantastic sense of humour. That was something I admired about him. RIP, brother… you are loved and will be missed.”

Siberian Saturday Night Flashback (picture above) with my close buddy James Lewis, the voice of “Christmas Nights In Blue.” I spent many hours on stage with James, but I also spent many days and nights off stage laughing and making precious memories. James first joined us on tour the year Daryl Pediford died. Daryl died during the tour’s last weeks of preparation. With his enthusiasm, grin, and infectious laugh, James really helped me and the others get through that terrible moment.

We were a little more daring on the road back then. With all of the matinées, the timetable has become much more demanding. The stages have also grown significantly in size. With the new stage presentations, moving stage elements, and spectacular effects, we must be physically and emotionally prepared! Plus, we’re all getting older, wiser, and more cautious! But, before the matinée mayhem began, we had some spectacular moments on the road!

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