James Pierce Obituary, Walterboro SC, 28 Years Old James Pierce has Died


James Pierce Obituary, Death – The Charleston County Coroner’s Office has made a positive identification of the person who was a suspect during this incident, received shots throughout the course of the incident, and was found dead after the incident. According to the findings of the coroner’s office, James Pierce, a resident of Walterboro who was 28 years old, was found to have died at the scene of the incident from a gunshot wound. The cause of James Pierce’s death was judged to have been a gunshot wound.

An official from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office claimed that a section of Savannah Highway had to be closed down on Sunday as a consequence of a gunshot incident that took place on Saturday and involving one of their deputies. The incident occurred in the same area as the deputy who was involved in the incident. The officials claim that the deputy was shot, which led to his getting injuries that are so severe that they are believed to be life-threatening.

After that, he was sent to the Medical University of South Carolina, which stated that his condition remained unchanged while he was there and that it was able to treat him effectively. On Sunday evening, perhaps around nine o’clock, he was discharged from the medical facility where he had been staying since earlier in the day. He had been admitted there earlier in the day. The authorities assert that a suspect was also shot during the event that occurred earlier. After conducting an investigation, it was found out that both of them had passed away at that spot.

A woman who was behind the wheel of the vehicle when she was taken into custody has been held in custody. According to the officials, shots were fired at roughly 3:45 in the afternoon while a deputy was conducting a traffic check in the area. Deputy Evan Cubbage, 36, was hit by the gunfire and fired back, which ultimately led to the suspect being fatally wounded. Cubbage sustained injuries as a result of the incident. Cubbage took a direct shot from the bullet himself.

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