Robert Eyres Obituary, Robert Eyres Has Died

James Strickland Obituary, James Strickland Has Been Shot Dead


James Strickland Obituary, Death –  Bakersfield resident James Strickland, age 54, was identified as the individual whose body was discovered on Barnett Street a month ago showing evidence of having been shot. The body showed signs of having been shot. On the body of the victim, there were telltale indicators that he had been shot. Strickland’s body showed clear signs of gunshot wounds, which led investigators to conclude that he had been murdered.

It was established that Strickland had passed away while they were on the scene of the incident while the investigation was ongoing. The detectives came to the conclusion that he had been the victim of a murderous assault due to the fact that he had a gunshot wound to the chest, which was the cause of his death. According to the findings of the coroner, he was the unfortunate victim of a wrongful death that was brought on by the illegal actions of another person.

If you have any information that you believe may be pertinent to the occurrence, you are encouraged to contact either the Kern County Sheriff’s Office at (661) 861-3110 or Secret Witness at (661) 322-4040. The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is requesting that anyone who has information that they believe may be crucial to the incident get in touch with them as soon as possible. Both of those numbers are located at the very bottom of this page. Please go to that section.



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