Jax Dellosso Missing Person, Standup Comedian At Your Mom's House Is Missing

Jax Dellosso Missing Person


Jax Dellosso Missing – Jax Dell’Osso was always eager to help. When I required two actresses for my Big Daddy Demarco film for The Gong Show Off Broadway, you and Ariel came up from the city without a second thought. You were among the first to volunteer your time when friends decided to roast me in order to raise money for my daughter, and you kept checking in on her frequently after that.

I got a lot of your skit ideas from you because you made some really good movies. My friend, you had a kind heart, and we will miss you. I wasn’t her friend, thus. We may have had one or two talks when I first met her in the New York comedy scene. Jax Dell’Osso was one of my favorites when she initially entered the scene, and I just found out that she had passed suddenly.

This is the second comic I’ve learned has passed away in the previous month, and hearing of such tragedies is never easy. Not a “sorry for YOUR loss” kind of post. It’s a “sorry for THE loss” post. Check on your humorous friends. the people who can make you laugh and take your mind off your problems. Ask them how they are doing.

Listen. It’s unfair to assume that our presence is solely for your amusement, as the jokers have lives and problems of their own that you are not aware of. A therapist who also seeks treatment is a comedian. That is why we are up there. No matter how crude and unpleasant you may find us, every joke has a grain of truth in it. Jax died in obscurity, but she endured hardships that no one should ever have to. I also hope that she will eventually find peace.

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