Jayce Haverkos Obituary, Death, Funeral Details

Jayce Haverkos Obituary, Death, Funeral Details


Jayce Haverkos Obituary, Death – A silver Mercury Grand Marquis model year 2004 was reported stolen from Old School House Road on Monday at approximately 12:20 p.m., and deputies responded to the scene.After responding to the call, deputies came across the vehicle while it was going south on Baux Mountain Road at Dolph Drive.

The deputy made an effort to initiate a traffic stop, but the suspect did not stop and drove south before leaving onto Highway 74. The deputy gave up and continued the pursuit.At the end of the entrance ramp, the suspect did a U-turn and drove into oncoming traffic, striking head-on with another vehicle. Jayce Haverkos, 19, from Tobaccoville, and Madison Grotschel, 18, from Kernersville were found to be seated inside the vehicle.

The identity of the person who was driving the stolen car when it was taken has not been made public. Tamara Grillone, Madison’s aunt, started a GoFundMe page and said in the description, “Madi and Jayce both perished on impact. Both Madi and Jayce were only 18 years old at the time, and Madi was about to finish high school this month. Jayce was 19 years old.

“The unexpected passing of a member of our family was not something we had anticipated. It has been an extremely trying few days, and the last thing that my sister should be concerned about is how she will pay for the funeral of her daughter,” Grillone wrote. Katie Grotschel, Madison’s mother, mentioned that ever since the accident, it’s been difficult for her to get out of bed in the morning. “She was the closest friend I’ve ever had. She had already selected the pie that she was going to cook for Mother’s Day as well as the lunch that she was going to prepare. Katie stated that the two of them did everything together.

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