Jean Lizotte Obituary, Jean Lizotte Has Died

Jean Lizotte Obituary, Jean Lizotte Has Died


Jean Lizotte Obituary, Death –  One of the most cherished members of the BSPL, Jean Lizotte, passed away this past Wednesday after battling an illness for the majority of the previous week and spending a significant amount of time in the hospital as a result. He had spent all of the previous week in the hospital because of his condition. A week earlier, he had checked into the medical facility in order to receive treatment.

I have to tell each and every one of you this information with a very heavy heart, and I apologize for the fact that I have to do so. I am sorry that I have to do so. Please have compassion and realize that I have no other option but to proceed in this manner.

During this difficult time for the family, the owner of this business and each and every one of us here would like to extend our most heartfelt condolences, along with our heartfelt sympathies and expressions of compassion, to each and every member of the family.

We understand that this is a difficult time for the family. In addition, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the entire family during this difficult time. Before we find ourselves back in each other’s company, I will pray for you to have an amazing life and to do amazing things. You are a dear friend, and I hope that life continues to treat you well.



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