Jeffrey Asprocolas Obituary, Jeffrey Asprocolas Has Passed Away

Jeffrey Asprocolas Obituary, Jeffrey Asprocolas Has Passed Away


Jeffrey Asprocolas Obituary, Death – On the 21st of May, Jeffrey Asprocolas, who had reached the age of 46 at the time of his passing, passed away in an uncomplicated and unexpected fashion. Jeffrey is survived by his son Kaeden, his step son Flynn, his fiancée and life partner Jamie Stief, his mother Jan Nepsha Smith (Indiana), his sister Jenny Jenn (New Jersey), his father Rudy (Florida), his step father Jim Smith, his step mother Dorothy Aspercolas, his step sister Nikki Smith Lopez (Indiana), and his step brother Chris (North Carolina).

He is also survived by a large number of other friends and family members. The formation of an incredible family, Jeffrey’s unwavering love to his friends and family, and the successful completion of a number of marathons are just some of the numerous accomplishments that he has amassed over the course of his life. Jeffrey felt the most at ease and in control of his life when he was out jogging on the trail.

During the last two days of his life, he noted that during the final portion of a trail run, he received the sensation that he had “danced down the mountain.” He was referring to the sensation he felt while running. We ask that you remember Kaeden Asprocolas, who is Jeffrey’s son, as well as the rest of Jeffrey’s family in your thoughts and prayers at this terribly difficult time. Please bear in mind that Kaeden is Jeffrey’s son.

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