Jimmy Lewis Obituary, Death, Jimmy Lewis Has Passed Away

Jimmy Lewis Obituary, Death, Jimmy Lewis Has Passed Away


Jimmy Lewis Obituary, Death – Jimmy Lewis has been an essential component of our team at this funeral home for the better part of the last twenty years. Over the course of this period, he has acquired a reputation for being a favorite among the families that we provide our services to. We are grieved by the fact that he is leaving, and as a result, we are conveying the news that he is leaving to you with a heavy heart.

This is because we are the ones who are telling you the news. Jim was a revered war hero who was a member of the United States Army and did his duty for his country in Germany while he was stationed there. During his time in Germany, Jim was stationed. During the period that he was stationed in Germany, he performed his duties as a soldier for his country.

In addition to having spent close to 30 years working for the United States Postal Service, he retired as a life member of the Queenstown Fire Department, where he had previously served for a combined total of 50 years before taking early retirement. In addition to that, he spent a significant portion of his career working for the Queenstown Fire Department.

He was helpful to both departments for a combined total of roughly seventy years, which is almost the length of his professional life. He was a contributor to both departments. Not only was Jim devoted to his friendships, but he was also devoted to his roles as a husband, a parent, and a grandfather. He loved his family very much. In addition to this, he felt an unbelievable amount of love and affection for each of his grandchildren. he had a total of nine grandchildren. Jimmy’s numerous friends from FHN, in addition to any and all of his other friends, will grievously miss him, as would a large number of his other close friends and a large number of his other friends. All of Jimmy’s other buddies are included in this definition as well.

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