Jimmy Litz Obituary, Jimmy Litz Retired Sergeant Has Died

Jimmy Litz Obituary, Jimmy Litz Retired Sergeant Has Died


Jimmy Litz Obituary, Death – It is with deep regret that we must notify you of the passing of J.A. “Jimmy” Litz, who served as a police officer for a significant number of years with the Galax Police Department prior to his retirement. The vast majority of people called him Jimmy.

That was his most common name. Despite the fact that we are deeply sorry to have to tell you this information, we believe that we must do so since we do not have any other choice. In addition to being the first day of Sgt. Litz’s employment in that capacity on the 15th of May, 1979, it was also the first day of his career as a law enforcement officer.

This day was significant for Sgt. Litz because it signified the beginning of his career. He has spent the preceding 29 years serving the community in a broad variety of capacities; nevertheless, he has made the decision to retire and concentrate on other interests rather than continue his contribution in the community.

To the original 414, we sincerely hope that the idea that other people would miss having you around will be of some solace to you and that it will help you get through this difficult time. We have faith that this will assist you in making it through this challenging period. During this challenging time, we hope that you will remember this information because we believe it is something that will be of aid to you and we hope that you will remember it.

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